The dxd:ref Element


Element used to reference documentation from another source. Used to transclude content from the source into the current context. Typical scenarios include reusing documentation from an overridden component, or to reference a component's documentation from a dxd:documentation source.


idOptionalSpecifies a unique ID. Can be used by the dxd:ref element to reference this block from another source.
idrefRequiredSpecifies component's ID to reference
sourceOptionalSpecifies the absolute or relative path to the file containing the referenced component. If this value is not supplied it is assumed that it is available in the current source file.

Content Model



<dxd:parameter name="my.param" default="false">
    <dxd:description>My Description</dxd:description>
        <dxd:value name="true">A True value</dxd:value>
        <dxd:value name="false">A False value</dxd:value>
<xsl:param name="my.param">false</xsl:param>


<dxd:parameter id="my.param.override" name="my.param" default="true">
    <dxd:ref source="Stylesheet-A.xsl" idref="my.param"/>
<xsl:param name="my.param">true</xsl:param>