The dx:module Element


Container element holding the contents of XSLT stylesheet file.


hrefContains either the filename of the starting stylesheet file or the value of the xsl:import or xsl:include element's href attribute.
import-precedence A numeric value indicating a module's import precedence. A value of 0 indicates the starting stylesheet, all other imported stylesheets start at -1. Stylesheets that a referenced with xsl:include elements are given the same precedence as the stylesheet that declared the reference. Conversely, stylesheets referenced by xsl:import elements are assigned a value of the referencing stylesheet's precedence - 1.
type Contains the method by which the stylesheet was referenced into the application. Valid values are:
  • entry - the application entry point
  • import - was referenced by xsl:import
  • include - was referenced by xsl:include
reference-index A unique identifier for the current stylesheet module. It is used both to ensure that each module is unique and to identify parent and child relationships to other modules. Can also be used as part of a unique file name convention for output formats that require multiple result documents.
referenced-by Contains the reference-index value of the module that imported or included the current module.
full-uri Contains the absolute URI to the current module. This can be used to filter out duplicate references to the same module by different stylesheets
basename Contains the module file name without the path.