Extending Ant With A Custom Processor

Doxsl's Ant build files are designed to be extended for custom output processors. To support this, Doxsl uses three different build file layers:

build.xmlThis is the primary build file. Using the input.stylesheet and output.format properties, the init target calls the correct processing target. All processing target names start with doxsl.to.[output.format]. It imports build-doxsl-imports.xml, which references the actual processor build files. It also contains the saxon-xslt task definition to start the Doxsl transform.
build-doxsl-imports.xmlThis file is used to import each custom processor build files. For custom processor builds, you must add an <import> task that references your build file.
Output Specific Build FilesPerform the actual processing. The build file must have a target named doxsl.to.[output.format] that can be called from the main build file. Since the saxon-xslt task has already been defined in the main build file, it can be used in the output-specific build files without having to redefine it.